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Charitable Foundation
«I am the Future of Ukraine»

CF «I am the Future of Ukraine» is a project co-founder. The Foundation finds an individual way to support each child. They communicate directly with guardians, children, philanthropists, and government agencies to ensure the best possible standard of living for the affected child. The Foundation provides technical and informational support to the Project, checks the feasibility of the assistance provided, and coordinates the work of all project participants.

«When we help children, it is important to understand that we have a unique chance to put our hearts into someone's life and change the future of our country for the better.

The experience of these children is terrible... their parents were shot, burned, or tortured in front of their eyes… And this Project makes it possible to be around these children, to provide not only financial support but also to take care of their psychological health, to give love, and to be near for them.»

Marta Levchenko,
Board Chairman of CF «I am the Future of Ukraine»

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Financial support

Datagroup-Volia allocates about USD 21, 580 monthly of financial assistance to orphans in need.

«On 24 February, a full-scale war began in Ukraine. Since then, every day, this war has claimed the lives of Ukrainians and left thousands of young children orphaned.

These children are our future. It is they who will renew our country after the victory. But to do this, they need to grow up, get a decent education, and have everything they need for life. That's why we encourage other business representatives to join this Project.

It is our collective responsibility to raise these children. Thus, we will repay the debt to their parents who died defending our freedom. Together, we will make a good win!»

Mykhailo Shelemba,

Datagroup-Volia CEO, Project initiator

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Juvenile Police Department

The Juvenile Police Department analyzes information about children affected by the war and in need of support. Also, this organization promotes the involvement of all resources and opportunities from state and public initiatives.

«The goal of our work is to protect the rights and interests of children, to create a safe environment for them so that they grow up in a peaceful Ukraine. We do everything to protect children from the horrors of today.»

Vasyl Bohdan,

Head of the Juvenile Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine

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Financial support

International company RETN every month allocates USD 9, 300 of financial assistance to orphans in need. It is about USD 250 per child.

«Ukrainian and international business has shown its humanity by consolidating maximum efforts to support Ukrainians since the beginning of russia's war against Ukraine. RETN aid is aimed at protecting the most vulnerable population category who cannot take care of themselves and need constant attention and support, namely, children.

We support the Project "Our Children" and ask all responsible businesses to find an opportunity to join in supporting the most valuable population category – children. They are our future.»

Olena Lutsenko,

Executive Director of RETN Ukraine and Black Sea Region, the leading international backbone internet service provider in Eurasia

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Financial support
Perekhid Outdoor

«Given the rather difficult situation in Ukraine, we are trying to find every opportunity to provide assistance to those who need it. We perfectly understand how important financial support is for the children and the Project. We hope that later, we will be able to increase the amount of our support, and we believe that in the future, the Charity project "Our Children" will no longer need help due to our Victory, Stability, and general Well-being.

We are also ready to provide media support on our advertising inventory to social programs of the Charitable Foundation "I am the Future of Ukraine.»

Andrii Bezpalyi,

Director of SE «Perekhid Outdoor»

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Charitable Foundation І am the Future of Ukraine» 1 Oleksandra Bohomoltsia str., Chernivtsi, 58001, Ukraine

+38 (098) 291 77 34

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